“Everyone else’s story is like finding a one-hundred-dollar bill on the ground, mine’s like finding a penny,” the boy wailed.

As a visiting writer helping 200+ seventh graders write memoirs, I blew his mind by replying, “There’s your first line!”

Two core principles inform my practice as a writer, educator, and producer of the nonfiction series No, YOU Tell It! 

1) Get the story out of your head so the reader can picture you in time and space, and 2) Your slice of life is as valuable as anyone else’s in the world.

I excel at generating a creative space filled with warmth and levity where writers of all levels gain a new perspective on their stories.

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Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

Writer, educator, and producer of No, YOU Tell It! (noyoutellit.com) Stalk my Insta adventures @KJ_Fitzsimmons @noyoutellit