5-Sentence Paragraph: “Faking It” as a Freelancer

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
1 min readMar 16, 2022

Imparting KJ Wisdom One Basic Paragraph at a Time

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Top Bun (topic sentence): No one knows what you don’t know.

Tomato (juicy detail): Whoever is interviewing you is overworked and thinking more about their next meal than plotting to rip you off.

Lettuce (juicy detail): Set a rate you can live on, raise it 15% before quoting, then add “but let me know what works with your budget.”

Meat (juicy detail): It’s not bluffing if you talk to friends and research other freelancers who do what you do, especially because you do it better.

Bottom Bun (conclusion): Everyone’s making it up as they go, so people want to hire someone who provides answers instead of creating more questions.

Thanks for reading. Check back next Wednesday for more lessons on writing, living, and occasionally dating digested into 5 sentences. Comment with topics you’d like to see shoved inside a paragraph burger!



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